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apart-hotel, client feedback, online reviews, online travel agencies, service quality


Prior to making any arrangements, travelers may examine other consumer evaluations on the hotels' websites, which provides them with a vital source of information about a hotel's good and negative characteristics. Customer satisfaction measures how well an organization's goods or services meet or surpass the expectations of its consumers. It is critical to remember that a company's market presence and development are essentially defined by its consumers. The majority of consumers book their hotel rooms through OTAs, or Online Travel Agencies, owing to the simplicity of use and lower pricing. As a result, is one of the most popular OTAs in the Philippines, offering convenient access to online bookings of hotels and apartment rentals in the nation. The goal of reviewing guest feedback is to determine whether the quality of service needs to be improved to boost consumer satisfaction and profitability. This study largely examined reviews and discovered that there were more negative than positive replies for chosen apartment hotels in Metro Manila listed on Agoda. According to the previous study, the researchers did a study on using a travel service (OTA) stage; researchers investigate the links between administration quality, perceived value, and lodging customer retention. Their review's findings support all direct and indirect links between three, four, and five-star inns. The reviews were manually classified and analyzed using sentiment analysis and statistical approaches as part of the process. The results indicated positive as well as negative characteristics across all categories.


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