• MIRA ALIVIO College of Tourism and Hospitality Department, De La Salle University, Dasmarinas, Philippines.
  • JADE KATHLEEN PARRA College of Tourism and Hospitality Department, De La Salle University, Dasmarinas, Philippines.
  • DEOGRACIAS EVANGELISTA ESPLANADA College of Tourism and Hospitality Department, De La Salle University, Dasmarinas, Philippines.



fourth year students, readiness, tourism, hospitality, industry


The occurrence of pandemic had shaped the landscape of how individuals make their living, how businesses operate, and how products and services are availed. Various restrictions are made; thus, social institutions such as schools were forced to close their physical operations and adapt to a new teaching system, thus online classes became the norm. With this change came new challenges for both teachers and students. It is also deemed that the occurrence of the pandemic had made a learning gap between students and what is demanded by the current market despite the effort of schools. The study is anchored on the Theory of Readiness for learning and pedagogy since the level of readiness among students is the focus of the study. The design is descriptive, and a survey-questionnaire adapted from the work of Verdadero, D. (2020) is utilized. Mean, frequency, and percentage are used to treat the data gathered. It is found out that bachelor’s program in tourism and hospitality is dominated by women since women are more focused on personal development than men. The usual age bracket of fourth year students is 20-25 which is considered ‘young or early adulthood’. It is the usual point where an individual finishes bachelor’s degree. The level of preparedness to enter tourism and hospitality industry is high among fourth year students. Attitude seems to be the core component of readiness over skills and knowledge. However, a readiness-support intervention program must be drawn up to provide balance between the areas or readiness.


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